Alicia Stephens is a worship leader, singer, songwriter and musician. She is deeply in love with God, and she longs to serve Him and labor with Him in adding to His kingdom. She currently leads worship at Intentional Church in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Songwriter, musician, singer, worship pastor, notebook collector, coffee-lover, poetic soul, fluent in  sarcasm and unspoken words.

  • Christmas: The Promise of Rest
    Advent: I  was talking to a dear friend of mine. This friend, like me, LOVES the Christmas season.  Yet, this year, my friend is experiencing more gloom than … Read more
  • God, the Dream Maker
      When I was a child, I prayed constantly. For hugs and for money So that we wouldn’t go hungry. And, for love that would find me  So … Read more
  • Time
    I can see the sands of time Spilling freely through my hands. To many moments to memorize To little time to take it all in.   Too fast, … Read more

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